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Product Name: MealPrompt

Cook easy meals with what you have. Start eating healthier today.

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I want to move forward to build this product with a cross-functional team in the Co.Lab Program:



MealPrompt is a mobile app that helps busy individuals cook more frequently by providing quick and easy-to-follow recipes that can be accomplished in under an hour. With MealPrompt, users can input what they have in their pantry and get recommendations for simple meals using only a few fresh ingredients. The app also includes a daily prompt encouraging users to cook at least three times a week, helping establish healthier cooking habits.

Problem Background

Despite the numerous benefits of cooking regularly, like eating healthier meals and saving money, many people struggle to make cooking a regular habit in their daily lives. This can be due to various reasons such as lack of time, lack of knowledge on how to cook or plan meals, lack of motivation or interest in cooking, or simply feeling overwhelmed by the task.

<aside> 👋🏻 From our user survey, the top 3 main reasons that prevent respondents from cooking more frequently were lack of time (76%), lack of motivation (68%), lack of knowledge or skills (28%), and high cost of ingredients (20%).


As a result, individuals may rely on eating-out options or pre-packaged meals, which can negatively impact their health in the long run.

<aside> 👋🏻 From our user survey, 64% of participants cook several times a week, and another 28% cook daily.


Therefore, it is essential to identify ways to encourage and motivate people to cook more habitually to improve their overall well-being.

During my user research, it was also exciting to understand that people cooked straightforward recipes and not anything very intricate or complicating.


MealPrompt aims to improve user motivation to cook regularly, even incrementally, by solving for the lack of time, budget consciousness, and knowledge/skills.