Data Results

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64% of participants cook several times a week and another 28% cook daily. Fascinating data that was contrary to what I thought would happen.

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Respondents reported Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, as the meal they typically cook, with Dinner leading at 96%.

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Respondents saw Taste and Cost Savings as primary motivators to cook at home, with health just a little behind.

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After cooking a meal, 76-80% of respondents generally feel satisfied and accomplished with roughly 12% worried about the mess.

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The top 3 main reasons that prevent respondents from cooking more frequently were lack of time (76%), lack of motivation (68%), lack of knowledge or skills (28%), and high cost of ingredients (20%).

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Over 90% of respondents take at least 1-4 hours to plan meals.

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Most respondents reported using cookbooks and recipe websites or apps as their primary resources.

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